Todd Greenberg Steps Down As CEO Of The NRL Effective Immediately

It seems the media finally got their man with breaking news that Todd Greenberg will step down as the NRL CEO effective immediately.

Greenberg will also step down from his role on the ARL Board.

The media has been on the hunt for Greenbergs job for around 6 months, and the fact that clubs have also not been happy about the fact he doesn’t roll over ever time they ask for money, it made pushing him out the door much easier.

Its hard to argue with Greenbergs performance as the CEO of the NRL. The games revenue increased under his watch and the game has never been in a better position financially.

It will be interesting to see who ends up taking up the thankless job as the CEO of the NRL now.

Peter V’landys has basically takes a very hands on role running the sport since taking on the role as the chairman of The Australian Rugby League commission.

Some of the names put forward by media types in recent years have been ridiculous. Names like Phil Gould and Wayne Bennett were put forward by Brad Fittler…

I just hope the next NRL CEO isn’t a pushover. We need someone with a business mind as head of the NRL. Someone who won’t roll over to clubs, someone who will have an eye on the games finances, and someone who is strong enough to stand up to attacks from all sides.

Good luck to the ARL finding a CEO replacement during a lockdown for the current pandemic. It is a really bad time for the game to not have a CEO right now. Especially with broadcast rights being negotiated right now…

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