Todd Carney Set Another Mans Genitalia On Fire….Firecrackers Todd, Its Suppsed To Be Firecrackers!

At what point do you realize you have had enough?

For some people its when they start to feel a bit under the weather. For others, its when they start to slur their words.

Some people go even further than that.

When they can’t stand up on their own, when they throw up, or when they piss themselves in front of everyone and most importantly, they don’t care.

These things happened all around the world in December 31st 2009. As the clock drew closer to midnight people everywhere were on the drink and doing ridiculous things to various degrees.

Then there was Todd Carney.

We all know Todd Carney is a serial dickhead. This is a young man who could have been earning about $400,000 a year playing football. He stuffed it up though through sheer and utter stupidity.

Recently someone, whether it be his family, his manager or just a few jounro’s looking for fluff pieces over Christmas, when on a positive PR campaign talking about how Carney was a “changed man” and how he was battling on despite all of the setbacks he has been responsible for.

So, as you and I were getting drunk on new years eve, what was Todd Carney doing?

Lighting someone on fire of course!

While no charges have been laid, and no official complaints have been made at this stage, it is being reported that on new years eve Carney and a friend set fire to the pants of another man, burning his buttocks, his scrotum and his upper thigh, to the point where he needed hospital treatment.

You know I think he’s probably had enough beer at that point.

The Sydney Roosters, who decided to sign this turd to go along with the entire team of morons they are currently assembling, are not officially investigating the incident in which Caney roasted someones nuts.

You have to wonder what that investigation will involve. You know Carney won’t remember much, and I pity the poor bastard who has to travel from Bondi up to North Queensland to ask some fella to drop dacks and show the Carney Carnage on his old fella and coit!

Seriously though, do we need to investigate this? Do we really have to wonder for a second if Todd Carney is stupid enough to do something like this.

This is a kid who has been done for drink driving, who has then been charged with driving disqualified after a police chase. Who has pissed on a guy in a Canberra nightclub. Who has been kicked out of the town he grew up in forever for causing too much trouble!

Is it such a stretch? Do we need to look further into this or do we just say “Todd, you’re a complete and utter f***wit, go and clean toilets for a living because your days as a professional Rugby League player are over!”.

Carney is unable to play Rugby League in the UK because they won’t allow him into the country. He just stuffed up what was just about his last chance to play in the NRL.

Let hope he gets sacked and barred from playing in the NRL, because quite honestly I’m sick of hearing about retards like Todd Carney.

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