Todd Carney Offered Huge Money From Penrith and Manly?

Canberra’s resident idiot Todd Carney seems to be in hot demand at the moment with reported offers from the Penrith Panthers and Manly Sea Eagles topping the $1.6 million mark over a four year contract.

Its been known for a while that Carney is shopping himself around despite denials, but why Penrith or Manly would want him is beyond me.

Aside from that fact that he will be put in jail if he breaks the law again, he is 22 years old and even in a very poor Canberra side in recent years he could only be described as possibly a handy player to have.

Canberra has made a counter offer and hope to keep carney but they will be flat out matching the overall packages offered by the two Sydney based clubs.

Canberra has been on the nose with most players since Matthew Elliotts time as coach of the club.

In stripping the club of anything positive it had, the raiders have had to rebuild from the ground up, and as is being based in sleepy Canberra wasn’t a hard sell anyway, the clubs prospects in the near future look very average.

Its a real shame too because the Raiders used to be such a powerhouse of a club and they set the standard for others to follow for many years. On top of that, the raiders have a loyal supporter base, yeah it may be a little small compared to other clubs, but considering how small Canberra is anyway its not too bad at all.

Now, faced with losing one of their new ok players, the raiders really need to have a hard look at what they need to do to become a choice destination for top players once more.

That begs the question, how much would the Raiders gain in the long term if they paid over the odds to lure former Raiders assistant Wayne Bennett to the nations capital?

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