Tim Sheens Said He Was The Man To Turn The Wests Tigers Around…

In early 2022 the Wests Tigers employed former club coach Tim Sheens to do a full review of the clubs off field football operations in an effort to try and end the clubs decade long absence from the NRL Finals.

After careful consideration Sheens came back to the club with a solution…

Michael Maguire would be sacked as the clubs head coach, Tim Sheens was the best man for the job!

Further more, Tim Sheens would name former Tigers players Robbie Farah and Benji Marshall as assistant coaches, with Marshall taking over from Sheens three years from Sheens appointment.

If it sound convoluted, its because it is. Sheens would take over the club and lead them to their first wooden spoon in 2022.

Here we are a little over half way through the 2023 NRL season and the Wests Tigers sit in last place on the NRL ladder. They have just had the third biggest loss in NRL history put up against them and the club looks no closer to turning things around.

It is already fair to say that Tim Sheens and his grand plan to turn the Tigers around hasn’t worked.

This of course all goes back to the Wests Tigers board and the clubs CEO, who seem to all keep their jobs no matter how poorly the club performs. When the leadership of a club isn’t getting the job done, how can you expect anyone else at the club to succeed?

This is a club that has two main stadiums it calls “Home”, one in Campbelltown which is totally out dated and very rarely used, and one at Leichhardt which is a thousand times worse.

It all makes me wonder what Benji Marshall is thinking right now. Does he really want to take over a club that is somehow even worse than it was when Tim Sheens turned up to “fix” things?

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