The Top Ten Most Annoying People In Rugby League In 2020

On the Fergo and The Freak podcast we tackle many difficult subjects.

In our latest episode we decided to put together a list of ten people in Rugby League who just really piss us off.

This was a last minute decision on our behalf, but we believe we came up with a fantastic list.

Take a look!

The Ten People Who Piss Of Fergo and The Freak
1. Graham Annesley
Between the weekly powerpoint presentations where he undermines the referee, to that gold watch, it was hard to go past Graham as our top selection!

2. Phil Gould
Where do you start? The whinging? Deciding he wants to be a player manager and then a few weeks later saying players should only be part timers? How about the constant stream of stupid ideas during the lockdown. Take a break Phil, deadset!

3. Matthew Fucking Johns
Want a terrible idea? Want a terrible suggestion for NSW selection? Want a rotten selection for who should own the Knights? How about a terrible coaching suggestion?

4. Jamie Peacock
Blithering idiot isn’t a term to be used lightly…

5. Trent Barrett
He just decided one day he was a first grade coach. No reason. Then whinged when he became a first grade coach. Then blamed everyone else for his failure. Keep stacking chairs….

6. Ben Elias
Rent a quote…

7. Greg Florimo
They’re dead Greg! They’re not coming back!

8. Matthew Fucking Elliott
Reading tea leaves doesn’t make you a good coach. Three completely destroyed clubs would attest to that.

9. Staff Writers
Good old Staff Writers, saying the shit no one at Fox Sports wants to own up to!

10. Robert Elstone
Can you honest say you could run Super League any worse? I mean, seriously, its kind of impressive!

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