The St George/Illawarra Dragons Are UnBlocking Supporters On Twitter

The St George/Illawarra Dragons official Twitter feed has begun the process of unblocking supporters of the club, a fantastic move which will be news to the ears of many Dragons fans.

This is fantastic news. A couple of weeks ago I wrote and article questioning Why Have The St George/Illawarra Dragons Blocked So Many Of Their Own Supporters On Twitter? and implored the clubs to review the decision for the sake of its own supporter base.

It seems the message was received loud and clear, with Dragons supporters once again able to get updates directly from the club via Twitter.

I’m really happy the club took a look at this. It can only be a good thing in terms of connecting with their own supporter base.

So if you are a Dragons supporter, start following the club again on Twitter. While you’re there, give me a follow too!

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