The Salford Reds Plan To Steal All Of St Helens Worst Players

If you are rich and you buy a Super League club, try to get people that can run that club for you who know what they are doing.

That would be the advice I would give to Salford Reds owner Marwan Koukash after the UK’s Daily Star ran a story suggestion that Salford plan to raid St Helens ranks on their quest to sign new talent.

When I read the headline my first thought was “Have they seen St Helens play this season!”. Then when I read the article I thought “They haven’t seen St Helens play this season!”.

The named mentioned in the article were Paul Wellens, Francis Meli and Tony Puletua. As the Daily Star points out, these three players have a combined age of 100!

Brian Noble is said to want some battle hardened veterans in his lineup, and I agree. Maybe he should look to but Barrie McDermott, throw in Billy Boston and maybe try and get Dally Messengers phone number, you know, because you can never have enough quality Aussies in a side!

I would suggest that St Helens would be happy to pay for the taxi fare for Wellens, Meli and Puletua to get to Salford, if you can find a taxi driver still willing to drive to Salford that is.

The Reds have also been linked to current Newcastle Knights player Neville Costigan, who at this stage looks like he is has the choice to either play in Super League or, as Mike Tyson would say “fade into Bolivion”.

It is all part of the big changes that are happening at Salford under the ownership of Marwan Koukash. The biggest one will happen next season when the club changes its name to the Salford Red Devils.

You should visit and witness what the future looks like!

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4 thoughts on “The Salford Reds Plan To Steal All Of St Helens Worst Players

  1. All 3 are quality players. Wellens can read the game like no one else. Meli is strong and quick and Puletua’s offloads are invaluable and gets through so much work. The only thing they don’t have on their side is age :L

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