The NRL’s Magic Weekend Is A Load Of Crap

It is an idea ripped off from the Rugby Football League in England and now the National Rugby League had taken it and run with it. Magic Weekend! A whole round of games played at one stadium.

What might be a decent idea in England makes absolutely no sense at all in Australia. With so many NRL clubs based in so many different population bases, Rugby League doesn’t need a manufactured event to spread the game across the country.

If anything an event like this holds back the game of Rugby League, having all games played in Brisbane where the game is as strong as it could be. There is no benefit for playing a whole round in Brisbane. NRL clubs will save money because they won’t need to hire out their own venues this weekend, but that is it. This round of matches does not promote Rugby league anywhere that Rugby League already doesn’t have an extremely strong presence.

This week on Fergo and The Freak the boys too a look at Magic Weekend and what a stupid idea it is to hold it in Brisbane.

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