The NRL Reacts To News About Assault Allegations Made Against Ben Te’o

The South Sydney Rabbitohs only informed the NRL of assault allegations leveled against Ben Te’o last night, despite having said they knew about the allegations five weeks ago.

This news comes as the NRL looks to establish an independent investigation into these allegations via the NRL’s own Integrity Unit.

NRL CEO David Smith played a straight bat to reporters in a press conference held at 3:10pm but was clearly angered that the club had not informed the league before last night.

Smith told reporters that the NRL Integrity Unit will use independent specialists that will interview all parties and speak with Police.

Meanwhile Police have conformed that all allegations were withdrawn by the woman involved in the alleged incident and from their point of view, the investigation could no move forward from there.

It will be interesting to see if the NRL decides to stand down Ben Te’o as their investigation continues. It is clear that the NRL see’s these allegations as being very serious and have moved quickly to find out all the facts on this case.

I’ll be updating the web site as more information comes out.

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