The NRL Needs To De-Register Blake Ferguson

News that Blake Ferguson has been suspended by the Canberra Raiders after basically walking out on the club and not returning their calls comes as no surprise.

Ferguson has a long list of issues. For all of his talent he has shown a complete disregard for the game. He has been completely disrespectful to the only two clubs he has ever played for.

I don’t care about any of the issues Blake Ferguson has created for himself. I do care about the game of Rugby League though. For that reason I would like to see the NRL de-register Blake Ferguson with immediate effect.

If the NRL allows Ferguson to play for another club in 2014 it will be a terrible example to other players looking to get out of their contract. Any time a player gets a better deal elsewhere they will simply take off as Ferguson has.

Players need to now that you can get suspended by your clubs this many times in a season and have no consequences. They need to know that if you carry on like Blake Ferguson has, you are committing career suicide.

Let Blake Ferguson go and play Rugby Union. Let him front up to court for his assault case without and NRL club attached to him. Let him go and do boxing. Let his new “minders” look after his best interests while cashing in their percentage of his care earnings. Just don’t like him continue to disrespect the game of Rugby League again.

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