The Night Sam Burgess Went Nuts

South Sydney Rabbitohs

I’m not entirely sure what makes a grown man decide he wants to grab another man by the ball sack. I wasn’t a good enough footy player to be able to make a tackle AND have the time to reach for tackle. Even if I had been, its just not something I would personally do.

Sam Burgess did though. He did it in front of thousands of people. He made a tackle and saw his chance, then he reached between another mans legs and went for those balls. He just couldn’t resist!

Burgess should rightfully spend a few weeks on the sidelines to think about what he has done. If the NRL didn’t punish players for this type of behaviour it could get out of hand…so to speak.

Players should be able to feel safe in the knowledge that they can play this game without having to worry about being groped by some dirty scrote from Dewsbury. It’s bad enough that a player might cope a stray knee in the family jewels from time to time, but fearing for your testicles might be attacked on purpose on too of that is enough to make any man wince in pain! That sort of behaviour is simply below the belt!

I can’t even begin to imagine the bagging Burgess will have to put up with from now on. Going the old Mr T on an opponent is something that people simpl don’t forget over night.

One last thing that must be addressed…

From James Graham biting Billy Slater to Sam Burgess going in for a reach around on Will Chambers, it is clear that Poms are dirty players. NRL referees must now keep an eye on our soap dodging friends from northern England. They can’t be trusted around, you know, other people!

Now, if you want to see vision of Sam Burgess going up and under on Will Cambers, I have posted it below. Be warned though, this vision can not be unseen:

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