The Incredible Reaction To Ricky Stuart Leaving The Parramatta Eels

Universal condemnation.

That was the response to news that Ricky Stuart has decided to walk out on the Parramatta Eels to take up a lucrative 3 year deal with the Canberra Raiders.

Having sold Eels fans a long term vision for the club, having coached them through one of the worse seasons any club has ever had in the history of the game, and having gutted the side by releasing over a dozen players, Stuart made the decision to walk out on the club leaving behind a mess that someone else will be left to clean up.

It wasn’t just Parramatta Eels fans that were disgusted by Stuarts decision to leave. Fans for all clubs call Stuart a dog for the way he has walked on on the Eels.

I read hundreds of posts across Facebook and Twitter from Rugby League fans reacting to Stuarts decision. I only saw a handful of people that thought he did the right thing.

I have no seen a reaction like that since Sonny Bill Williams walked out on the Bulldogs in 2008. It was unbelievable.

It wasn’t even as though Canberra Raiders fans were all that excited at the news. Stuart’s questionable coaching record must have been playing on their minds…

Ricky Stuarts decision will likely have further consequences for the Eels. There is talk that William Hopoate wants out of his contract, and who could blame him. The Eels will now need to find a new coach, in fact, they will need to find a completely new coaching staff. It’s going to make the process of rebuilding the Eels a much longer and drawn out one.

I’ve had a lot to say about Ricky Stuarts decision over the last few weeks. While he continue to deny talking to the Canberra Raiders as late as last weekend, it’s clear that this move has been on the cards for quite some time.

The entire Rugby League world has been disgusted by the way Stuart has walked out on the Eels. Good luck carrying that baggage to the Canberra Raiders…

Ricky Stuart was a very vocal critic of the Israel Folau when he decided against joining the Parramatta Eels and instead signed in to play Rugby Union. When Josh Papalii backed out of a deal to join the Eels a few weeks later to remain at the Canberra Raiders Stuart was scathing.

Now Stuart could be accused of being a hypocrite, having backed out of his own long term deal with the Eels.

People within Rugby League have long memories. They hold grudges. Ricky Stuart will take a long time to live this down. Judging by the reaction of people across social media, Stuart will be flat out living this one down over the three years he is contracted to coach the Canberra Raiders.

Not that there is any guarantee that Stuart will see that contract out either…

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