The Glorious League Freak Owns The World On April Fools Day

Being this good just comes naturally to me.

I’m not moving to England! I don’t need to live in Leeds to tell the Rugby Football League how bloody terrible they are. As if I would sell my beast of a car so that I could travel to places like Salford and Warrington in a Vauxhall!

You can’t tell the Poms how bad they are! Hell, they don’t even take notice of the scoreboard! They honestly believe they have the best forward pack in the world and that they have just been a bit unlucky for the last 34 years!

Still, I’m good at what I do! Just enough plausibility to think that maybe, just maybe, it could happen.

Don’t feel bad. I had some of my closest friend who I tell everything to getting in touch with me and asking what the hell was going on and when would I be leaving.

That’s right people, I mind fuck everyone….there are no exceptions!

Of course, I manage to do it every year and the reactions I get are always varied. Some people pick up on it straight away and do their best to tell everyone. The like of Dave Finch and Jane Brown, I tried to delete their posts on the Facebook page but it was too late by then. The fuckers!

Some people were really upset I was leaving. They should be happy now! Others were just angry at me, because having a bit of a laugh on April Fools day is the worst thing in the world. Lighten up you miserable bastards!

This is probably my second most successful April Fools Day prank. The gold standard of course was the day I faked by own death. People were gutted when they thought I was dead. Then, when it turned out to be an April Fools day prank, emotions ranged from relief to fury.

There was one yeah I know one of my April Fools Day prompted journalists to make some very fast inquiries about what I had written to various people within the game. That was a good day as well.

Now, a bit of house keeping.

This prank was inspired by a quick convo I had with someone earlier in the week. I’m sure they picked up on it, and they weren’t fooled by a second by it either!

I was offered a lot of free beers if I was going over, one act of violence, a run with an amateur side, and Tina Alcock from Batley Boys ARLFC invited me to see the club. I really appreciated that, so I’m going to link to their web site for a while on the banners on the right hand side of the web site.

People pissed and moaned about the timing too. Listen….my web site is an international web site. I have to cater for people on both sides of the planet. I’m just making sure everyone gets completely fooled. Is there anything wrong with that?

So just sit back, relax, and cop it sweet.

You got owned by The Glorious League Freak!

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