The Day Wests Tigers Captain Robbie Farah Beat The Hell Out Of Anthony Watts – With Video!

It was a Round 19 game in 2009 between the Wests Tigers and the North Queensland Cowboys at Leichhardt Oval. History would record that the game ended in a 34-14 win to the Wests Tigers at home. However this game will be remembered in the hearts and minds of Rugby League supporters for so much more!

Heading into a scrum, with not much going on, North Queensland Cowboys hooker Anthony Watts grabbed ahold of Robbie Farah and put a number of clean punches on his chin. Farah was forced to take a knee. Not much come of the belting as back then the NRL did not have any rules in place regarding punching leading to an immediate sin bin. Back then players has to take things into their own hands, and Robbie Farah did just that!

The Wests Tigers captain waited until the next scrum formed. He grabbed Anthony Watts as hooker and beat the hell out of him in an old school square up that pretty much all Rugby League supporters love to see!

This beautiful moment in the games history was recorded by Channel 9 cameras, preserved for all time.

So here it is, what you are all here to see. Watch it. Enjoy it. Feel free to leave comments below on this moment that Robbie Farah and Wests Tigers supporters will never forget!

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