The 2012 Super League Dream Team

The 2012 Super League Dream Team has been announced and its hard not to look at the side and feel that it is a reflection of the plumeting standards of Super League and Rugby League in Great Britain in general.

Let’s face it, this lineup wouldn’t be competitive at all in the National Rugby League.

I keep on wondering when the Rugby Football League is going to do something to try and lift the standards of play in Super League, but these days, it is like the RFL just doesn’t even pretend to care about the health of the game. As long as people can find a cushy job that has no accountability, that is all they worry about.

It is a sad set of circumstances. The only silver lining I can see is that I think eventually Australia is going to step in and try to sort out the mess that is Rugby League in Great Britain.

Anyway, this is the official 2012 Super League Dream Team:
1. Sam Tomkins
2. Josh Charnley
3. George Carmont
4. Ryan Atkins
5. Ryan Hall
6. Brett Finch
7. Scott Dureau
8. Chris Hill
9. James Roby
10. Remi Casty
11. Ben Westwood
12. Gareth Hock
13. Sean O’Loughlin

Do you think someone shouldn’t be there or was really unlucky to miss out? If you so long into the web site and leave a comment!

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6 thoughts on “The 2012 Super League Dream Team

  1. Charnley and hill deserve there spots more than most, add they have been impeccable all year, Westwood is solid as always and Hock will always divide opinion. The tragic thing for me is no English/ British halves and an ageing carmont still takes a center spot. Never mind the team not being competitive in the nrl, it would get hammered by a gb team from the late 80’s early 90’s sad state of affairs and its not getting better. Imports are getting lower standard and the better English players are moving to nrl or rfu

  2. Imports will all but stop thankfully with this new TV deal. The problem is, the players Super League clubs do buy will be very, very low standard players.

    I reckon the last halfback that really troubled Australia was Bobby Goulding, and that’s going back a long way now.

  3. Andy Lynch – unlucky to miss out, most consistent prop in SL , been immense all season ..player of the year as well.
    Also Willie Manu – fantastic for hull !

  4. Manu another great English back rower! He’s been unstoppable in some games he’s just no Westwood or Hock, although I would like to see what Hock would have an that hull side, Manu at times has created more than the halves, Hock plays well in a better team couldn’t see him being as effective in a poorer side

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