Tendulkar vs Kohli

It is one of the sport’s greatest pleasures to sit and compare players. Whether the players play in the same league or even played during the same period is of very little importance. This is part of the entertainment that is a sport. Long after the final whistle has been blown or the game’s authorities have called it a day, the fans can still sit and dissect all elements of the game. Nothing is taboo in these discussions.

This trend is just the same in cricket. In fact, it might even be worse in the sport because of the nature of the game. Games are played against the same opponents year after year and usually against the same players.

This is what makes it difficult not to try and compare players, especially batsman. The latest hot topic in the comparison pool is who is better Tendulkar or Kohli. Normally this would be a simple debate that would be answered by simply looking at the statistics. However, because Sachin Tendulkar is such a legendary player, everything is no longer that simple.

The young talent of Kohli is undeniable. Any cricket fan can clearly see that the youngster has legend status awaiting him. Albeit what is clearly in front of us, history has taught us that this cannot be taken as a certainty. Several legends in the making have failed to get to legend status because of pressure or other factors such as fame.

Trying to compare the two players is just the same as someone trying to compare online casino gambling and land-based gambling back in 1996. There is just too little information to come up with any credible comparison. He is a player that will change the outcomes of many games but will he stand the test of time.

Online casinos are now an integrated part of our society; it is a market that has taken off drastically, but before the “revolution of gaming”, where and how did this fantastic innovation begin?

All that having been said still the comparison will not stop. Who is better, Tendulkar or Kohli?

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