Teflon Tim On The Booze Again And Parramatta Management Just Doesn’t Care

Tim Smith has been seen boozing it up once more with team mates late on Saturday night, despite being banned from Alcohol, after being banned from Alcohol, after being banned from Alcohol!

Smith, who has had more chances in the last six months than Keiron Cunningham has had hot meals, is currently under a fictional suspension by the club after breaking his THIRD drinking ban, will have no action taken against him this time around.

This comes hot on the heals of three Parramatta players, including Jarryd Hayne, being shot at after an incident in Kings Cross in Sydney.

Why would Parramatta players honestly care about their off field behaviour. One look at what Tim Smith has done, and the way he hasn’t had to answer for his actions time and time again says enough.

Three drinking bans after much publicized public drunkensess and yet nothing happens when he is caught a forth time? What would Tim Smith honestly have to do to actually have action taken against him by the club?

Its obviously time for the NRL to step in. They are looking at giving a suspension to recently sacked Newcastle Knight Terence Seu Seu so that he can’t just sign up with another club and have no real consiquence for his actions. Thats the type of punishment Tim Smith needs.

Give the kid (And he is obviously a stupid kid) six months to sit out, think about what he has done and get his life off the field together.

We have seen what happens when young players act up and they realize they can just about get away with murder. Names like Craig Field and Craig Gower come to mind.

Tim Smith is a very ordinary halfback, and he will never, ever make as much money as he does playing Rugby League in the NRL.

People have tried to help him pull his head in, and have failed. Nothing thats been done so far has worked, and now what needs to happen is dramatic action to basically save him, and his career by himself.

Either he gets help, major help, right now, or he is going to end up being a drunken, broken down old footballer talking about what might have been has his life not gone completely off the rails.

Make Tim Smith an example for the right reasons. make him an example of the leaders in this game saying hey, this is just football, and you have to stop playing and pull your life together, rather than him being an example of a serial dickhead getting away with murder time after time untill his life went completely off the rails and the game spat him out with no thought of his personal well being.

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