Taylor Sacked As John Lang Takes Over

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Jason Taylor has been sacked by South Sydney and it was pretty much the only decision they could possibly make.You can’t have your coach being involved in rubbish like that.

The appointment of John Lang as the new coach for the next two seasons doesn’t sit real well with me.

Lang got into a role with Souths because he is a mate of the CEO. He has now moved into the head coaching role at a time when it really seemed like he was finished with being a head coach at this level.

I would like to have seen Souths keep moving forward, get a new coach and go in a new direction. I think this is a step backwards.

Taylor has now said he will take legal action against South Sydney but don’t expect that to actually happen. I can’t see anyone standing in front of the NSW Court system saying they shouldnt have been sacked because its ok to get pissed and eventually knocked out by your employees.

It will be interesting to see how Lang goes. The only old coach I can remember that has made a comeback like this in recent times was Warren Ryan.

He wasn’t popular with his Newcastle player, but he did turn the club in a new direction and his work led to them winning the Grand Final the year after he left.

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