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Hi! 🙂

Iv’e set up a Patreon account as some of the costs associated with my websites, the podcast and various other things I do have slowly started to rise over the years.

I have tried to keep my costs low in the past, but I’ve found that over the last year or two they have risen as I try to provide quality content in various ways to my followers.

If you chose to contribute to my Patreon your money will top towards website hosting costs, podcast hosting costs, and the purchase of podcasting equipment.

Anything that I purchase for the podcast in particular I will post here, and the costs associated with it. They aren’t astronomical or anything, but for instance I recently purchased a Rode USB Microphone for the podcast which cost $190 at JB Hifi at the time of purchase and I need to get a microphone stand which I’m hoping will be less than $30.

Hosting costs for the website can vary with traffic but at this stage are around USD$40 per month on average.

Hosting of the podcast averages out at $USD10 per month right now. The total cost is actually USD$20 a month but I split the costs with my amazing co-host Andrew Ferguson who has his own Patreon!

Then there are other costs like email hosting and the costs of all of the website addresses that I own, both of which come in once a year.

So as you can see, costs aren’t over the top, but they do start to add up a little bit when you put them all together.

So if you’d like to contribute, that would be great! Sign up and become a contributor! 🙂

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