Super League Playoffs Week One Preview

Its the business end of the season ladies and gentlemen and as we head into the playoffs there are so many questions to be answered.

Will Warrington choke again? Will Wigan put in this year? Can Leeds come from no where and win it again? Who will beat St Helens in the Grand Final?

One thing that is clear is that 8 teams is way too many teams to make the playoffs. Wakefield, Huddersfield and Hull FC are just making up the numbers this year and everyone knows it. Take nothing away from them, they made it this far, but if it was just a top 5 I think its fair to say the playoffs will be a pretty even contest in which any team would win it!

So you want to know my tips this weekend?

Wigan vs Catalan Dragons
Wigan ended the season as minor premiers but their loss last week to St Helens wan’t the best lead in to the finals. The winner of this game will get week two of the playoffs off and go straight through to week three. The winner gets a second chance and will play again next weekend.

I really rate the Dragons in this game and if they hit some form, they could be the dark horse to take out the title this season. If you are a neutral fan watching this one, you have to be cheering on The Beaver!

This time last year Wigan’s season died in the arse. That worries me when it comes to tipping them for finals success. So guess what… My Tip: Dragons by 18

Warrington Wolves vs St Helens
Wire fans are pumped up heading into this seasons playoffs, and thats understandable, a lot of them are raging alcoholics!

As mentioned above, the winner of this game will get next weekend off, the loser will get a second chance and play next weekend.

I would suggest that deep down, Warrington didn’t want to be facing St Helens in the first round of the playoffs. St Helens know how to win at this time of the year (Until the Grand Final anyway) and with so much playoff experience in their side, they won’t be overawed by the occasion.

This is St Helens favorite time of the year (Until the Grand Final away) and with a week off up for grabs, I think they will take the chocolates. My Tip: St Helens by 9

Leeds Rhinos vs Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
When ever I watch Leeds play they either look like a team that just hates life, or they look like a side that remembers they actually tend to win a lot of stuff and they start winning games on memory alone.

Lets face it, the Wildcats should just be happy to make it this far. They do sometimes step up and give Leeds a bit of grief, but I can’t see that happening here.

This is a sudden death match so Leeds should be up for this game. My Tip: Rhinos by 38

Hull FC vs Huddersfield Giants
The Bottle Throwers had a bloody aweful season and the fact that both they and Huddersfield managed to make the playoffs says a lot about what is wrong with a top 8 finals series in a 14 team competition where half the clubs are just about dead.

I’ll go ahead and tip Hull in this one because they are the team I support. The loser of this game is done for the year, but I think both of these teams are dead ducks and won’t win their next game anyway. My Tip: Hull FC by 8


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4 thoughts on “Super League Playoffs Week One Preview

  1. Wigan v Le Cats…Wigan by 24 or Le Cats by 4…depends which Cats side turns up.

    Warrington by 18….

    Wakefield by 2…Controversial!

    Hull by a lot…the midgets have been dreaming of their holidays since June.

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