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The offical NRL Podcast of Andrew Ferguson and League Freak is going great guns! With more and more people tuning in each episode, you can get all of the latest NRL information, Rugby League history, and just enjoy a general laugh by listening to each and every episode. To subscribe to Fergo and The Freak simply click on the relevant link below based on your favourite podcasting app!

Where You Can Listen To The Podcast

You can find the Fergo and The Freak podcast on all of the major podcasting outlets. Make sure you subscribe and give us a five star rating, it helps us spread the word! 🙂 iTunes: Spotify: Stitcher: Google Play Music: Player FM: Podbean: TuneIn:–Recreation-Podcasts/Fergo-and-The-Freak-p1222226/ PodParadise: Podbay: Podtail: Overcast FM: Direct Link:

Fergo And The Freak On YouTube

You can watch every episode of Fergo and The Freak on Youtube

Fergo And The Freak LIVE On Periscope

You can catch Fergo and The Freak on Periscope from time to time as they do live shows. You cal follow them on the Fergo And The Freak Periscope page.

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You can follow the Fergo and The Freak podcast on their Facebook page. You can also follow the podcast on the dedicated Twitter feed at Fergo and The Freak Podcast on Twitter.
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