Streaking Idiot Gets All The Attention He Wanted Thanks To The Media

We are horrified! How embarrassing for Rugby League! What a disgrace!

Let’s go and interview his family and friends!

You have to love the Australian media sometimes. They love nothing more than to hoist their false outrage banners and go on crusades righting perceived wrongs.

When some fmoron run onto the field last night, I was initially worried about the players. Normally the TV cameras avoid showing people that run onto the field so as not to encourage people to do it, but in this case, it couldn’t be avoided.

Seeing so many police officers running onto the pitch, I was concerned this person was a threat to the players or referees. The game was effected when this moron ran into the middle of play. With games close, in a deciding game three, we are very lucky the result wasn’t effected by some dumb idiot.

That this person has planned ahead of time to do this, and managed to get back security, is a big concern. One day someone is going to get hurt.

This isn’t the only troubling pitch invasion this season. Earlier this year the Tonga vs Samoa test match saw hundreds of people run onto the field before the game had finished.

The National Rugby League really needs to look at the security it provides during a match. There was nothing protecting players last night. This time it was a morbidly obese attention seeker. Next time it might be someone with more sinister intentions.

Now that the media has gone out of it’s way to turn this person into an overnight celebrity, I have no doubt that we will see this happen more and more.

The thing I worry about most is what happens if we see someone attack a player on the field. With players pumped up and battling it out in a brutal contest, if they find themselves confronted by some idiot on the field, there is no telling how they will react.

If we saw a player defend themselves and belt a pitch invader, you know for a fact that the player would be n a world of trouble. The media old jump on something like that straight away, not to mention lawyers looking for make a quick dollar.

Hopefully the National Rugby League makes changes to the way they protect players who are just doing their job on the field. We don’t want to see any more games being effected by broken people and we don’t want to see anyone getting hurt.

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