St George/Illawara Dragons Chasing English Forward Eorl Crabtree

Rugby League Weeks The Mole is reporting that the St George/Illawarra Dragons are chasing the services of Huddersfield Giants forward Eorl Crabtree.

Crabtree is a giant front rower who stands at 6 ft 6 in. He has played his entire career with the Huddersfield Giants where he has earned 13 test caps for England.

I’m surprised that the Dragons, or any NRL club for that matter, is looking to sign Eorl Crabtree. At 30 years of age you are not getting him in the prime of his career. While his size would be an asset to most clubs off the bench I tend to think his mobility and leg speed would be an issue in the NRL.

Crabtree would probably be described as a fringe test player for England at this stage of his career. It is very unlikely that he will be part of England’s World Cup team at the end of the year.

If the Dragons can get him at a good price, its worth a shot. I worry though that some clubs put a bit too much time and effort looking at players in England who would be an unknown quantity in the NRL when they could find better options already here in Australia.

If Crabtree is looking to test himself in the NRL he could do far worse than joining the Dragons.

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