Souths – A Terrible Rugby League Club

South Sydney Rabbitohs

From broken promises to leaked memo’s to over protective board members and fans to a decade of having won nothing…..South Sydney, The Rabbitohs….call them what ever they like, they are a terrible football club.

The Bunnies have really shown this year how ingrained failure is at their club. Lets just look at what they have done this season:

*Their CEO, Shane Richardson, claims Souths are about to enter a new era. He says the club is now more settled and everyone is working together.

*The team comes out and plays ok….then crap….then even worse.

*George Piggings comes with a brilliant plan to save the world, build a 15,000 seat stadium in Redfern. The entire development of the stadium and surrounding areas would come at a cost of
about $40,000,000!

*Souths announce they will play all their home games at the 80,000 seat Telstra Stadium from 2006.

*A leaked e-mail suggests that for marketing reasons, Souths Sydney should drop the name, South Sydney…..and just be called the Rabbitohs. This leads to the man who sent the e-mail, not being fired…..but no longer being employed by the club.

*Shane Richardson announces Souths will have about $2,000,000 to spend under the cap for 2006, he tells current players to lift their game or they will be cut. He all but says the club to chase Braith Anasta after the June 30 deadline……and bring outs the old favorite of his….they’ll try to sign Paul Sculthorpe and Brian Carney (He has said that at every club he has gone to!).

Not a very well run club is it.

The one thing I will give credit to at Souths is the play of lock Ashley Harrison who is head and shoulders above any of their current players and probably the best player they have had at the club since at least the early 90’s.

He is wasted at a club like Souths.

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