Sonny Bill Williams Is Worth So Much To The Game…So Pay Him!

I am sick to death of hearing people within Rugby League saying what a great player and person Sonny Bill Williams is.

I am sick of hearing them talk about the way he has boosted the crowds at Sydney Roosters games, how he has helped the club sell more season tickets and merchandise.

I’m sick of hearing what a professional he is. How he sets an example to other players. How he has helped charge the Roosters towards a minor premiership win.


Because for all the people talking about how valuable Sonny Bill Williams is to the game, no one is stepping up and paying him what he is obviously worth to stay in the game!

Our officials at club level and at NRL level can give all the lip service they want to Sonny Bill Williams value, it doesn’t mean a think if they are not going out of their way to keep him in Rugby League.

It’s clear Williams wants to play in the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup. I personally believe he will be lost to Rugby Union as soon as the Roosters play their last game this season.

Many people will say its inevitable. They will say he has made his mind Uo and he will be leaving no matter what.

My argument is that if he really is so valuable to Rugby League, make him an offer he can’t refuse. Make it so that if he does leave Rugby League he has to leave a whole lot of money on the table.

As a Penrith Panthers support, I would have no issue with the NRL stepping in and offering Sonny Bill Williams a marketing payment outside of the salary cap if that was what kept him in the game.


Because the strength of Rugby League and every other club in the NRL has a direct effect on my club. If Sonny Bill Williams is drawing people through the gates and getting more people watching Rugby League on TV, that’s a good thing. That is something I want to see.

I am a Rugby League supporter above everything else. Above my club, state or country. I want to see the game grow. I was to see it prosper. If that means the NRL steps in and make sure the game does not lose a draw card, I’m fine with that.

I have nothing at all invested in Sonny Bill Williams as a supporter. I’m not a fan of his. But if he really is worth so much to Rugby League then the people running the game need to stop talking about his value and offer him a deal that reflects his value.

The money is there. It’s available. According to the Sydney Roosters themselves, Williams has generated them and the game a lot of money just this season alone.

Sonny Bill Williams was once lost to the game because the money was not available. Lets not lose him agains because the money was available, it’s just that no one was willing to stand up and pay him what they have kept saying he is worth.

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