Should Paul Gallen Get A Statue At ANZ Stadium?

As part of redevelopment plans ANZ will be rolling out a series of statues to stand outside the stadium that represent great moments in the stadiums history.

One suggestion put forward is that Paul Gallen should be immortalised in this way for leading New South Wales to it’s first State Of Origin victory since 2005.

Paul Gallen has played great for New South Wales over the years. In losing series after losing series you could never question the effort Gallen put in.

Still, a statue?

In my opinion sports stars that receive statues should stand head and shoulder above not only their peers but they should be in the elite class of players that have ever played the game.

It was fantastic to see New South Wales to win a series, but let’s not lose our heads here, it is a single series victory.

There wouldn’t be enough bronze in the world make the statues Queensland would need after winning 8 series in a row!

Wally Lewis has a statue outside of Suncorp stadium and it stood there on it’s own for a long time. Then a statue of Darren Lockyer was erected outside of the stadium. That was then followed this year by a statue of Mal Meninga.

Those three players are possibly the three greatest Queensland Rugby League players of all time.

Paul Gallen is a great player and without him New South Wales wouldn’t have won the 2014 State Of Origin series. Still, let’s win a few more series in a row before we start immortalising players in bronze.

Also, if you want to know, I don’t think you could make a better statue for ANZ Stadium than one depicting Scott Sattler’s amazing tackle in the 2003 NRL Grand Final.

Too bad he’s a bloody Queenslander!

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