Someone Get Greg Dowling A Box Of Tissues…

Queensland were gracious in defeat, New South Wales were respectful in victory. That was one of the main talking points coming out of State Of Origin two.

Don’t tell that to former Queensland player Greg Dowling though..

Dowling has launched a full on attack aimed squarely at anything any everything New South Wales, admitting he hates the state and suggesting that every other state in the country that we built hates us too.

“They have got nothing to be cocky about. Good on them for winning one series, but I can assure you they will never win eight straight,” Dowling said.

“It’s typical NSW. They win one series and they think they’ve created the biggest dynasty of all.

“That’s what they are like, they have no class.

“They are arrogant. They win one series and suddenly they are predicting the death of Queensland.

“It’s a joke. This will just fire up the Queensland boys a bit more.”

Of the Tate incident, Dowling said: “It’s a low act, Brent Tate is one of the greats of the game and deserves better than that.

“That’s what Sydney are like, they even booed the captain of Australia, Wally Lewis, when I was playing.

“That’s why I hate them … That’s why every other state in Australia hates NSW.”

Is he OK? I mean, this read like someone in NSW kicked his dog, then run it over, then fucked it!

For those of you who don’t know who Greg Dowling is, he is a 55 year old man from Queensland. He played most of his career in the Queensland Rugby League competition back 1980’s before playing for the Brisbane Broncos at the latter stages of his career in the NSWRL competition. He played 11 times for Queensland and 12 times for Australia.

You have to wonder why someone that’s 55 and who had a pretty good career would be so bitter though? I mean, Queensland lose one series and this bloke just goes into a full meltdown over New South Wales. That isn’t normal.

There is a big difference between being passionate for your state, enjoying the rivalry, wanting to win, wanting the other team to lose, and being a broken, bitter person who takes shit too far and who needs to take a chill pill.

When I support the Penrith Panthers, New South Wales and Australia, I have fun! It isn’t about hating the other side, it’s about hoping my teams win because I really enjoy it when my teams win!

Case in point, I attended the 2008 World Cup Final that Australia lost to New Zealand. I loved it! It was an awesome game and I got to witness history! I didn’t hate the Kiwis for winning, they deserved to win. They played better, won the trophy and I enjoyed watching a great contest.

People like Dowling who inject this poisonous atmosphere into sport, into kicking a ball around a field, into something that should be fun, we don’t need people like that in Rugby League.

As a supporter of the game I see people taking things way too far. When things go from being a bit of fun, a bit of a laugh, and move towards something more sinister, all that does is drive people away from Rugby League.

Other sports have this problem too. Soccer is one sport where you see it taken to the extreme.

If New South Wales Rugby League supporters went to that extreme where they hated Queensland, caused trouble at games, were violent and focused on hating the opposition more than they did enjoying the contest, I’d want nothing to do with State Of Origin!

The phrase “healthy rivalry” exists for a reason. At some point you can cross as line and it not only effects those around you, but it takes a massive toll on yourself as well.

Greg Dowling hates New South Wales, he hates Sydney and he hates everyone that lives there. It’s a shame because it’s a pretty good place to visit and it’s full or really nice people. He would find that out for himself if he wasn’t so angry.

I was once fortunate enough to meet the late, great Arthur Beetson. He autographed a book I had. Under his autograph he wrote “Enjoy the game”. To me, that sums it all up.

Every minute you invest in hating the other side, you’re not investing in just enjoying your team and enjoying the game. I can watch any teams play anywhere in the world and love it. I don’t hate any other team, I just want my teams to win.

Greg Dowling should think about that. Instead of being so angry, he should enjoy what Queensland have achieved over the years. Rugby League is a great sport, he should embrace it. All of it. Even when it’s played by New South Wales, because last time I looked, we play it pretty damn well!

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