Shock Announcements As Wigans Loss Hits Hard

Wigans loss in the Challenge Cup Semi final has had some immediate and massive ramifications with Wigan chairman Maurice Lindsey announcing that he will be stepping down from his role at the club at seasons end.

Lindsey even to this day is still the most powerful Rugby League administrator in the game and like him or not, he makes things happen, and thats something you cant say about most Rugby League administrators.

On the back of the announcement, Wigan owner Dave Whelan has told reporters in the UK that he may now consider selling the club in a move to promote wholesale changes. While he has said he would only sell to someone as committed to the Wigan cause as he has been, its hard to imagine anyone giving the club the same massive backing he has.

While both have been c controversial figures, you can not deny that both have always done what they have felt is right by the club. They have done good things, and bad things, but they always had the right intentions.

Lindsey in particular will go down as one of the most powerful figures in Rugby League history. I will always remember in 2001 when the ARL decided to cancel the planned Kangaroo Tour at late notice. The tour was off and the RFL were heading for some heavy losses before Lindsey got on the phone to the ARL.

What ever was said, it must have been good, because the ARL quickly announced the tour was back on and everything went ahead.

I hope Lindsey isnt lost to the game because we need epopel like him who can make things happen.

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