Players Unhappy Thats Shitfull Club Culture Is Being Changed By Brian Smith

The players have had enough!

They have had enough of seeing their best mates being told they are no longer wanted at the club. They have had enough of Brian Smiths style, his training methods and the way he is changing the very fabric of the Newcastle Knights club.

You know what I say, if you dont like it, go and find somewhere else to play!

Newcastle has been a rudderless ship for years now. A team just getting by and trying to do the best they can, but still, not really challenging for the premiership.

The Knights culture is currently a losing culture, and Brian Smith was brought in specifically to change that losing culture.

Smith had an excellent record at St George and Parramatta and while he was never able to clear that final Premiership winning hurdle, he completely transformed both clubs.

With that in mind I find it amazing that Newcastle players are now upset with Smith because they are seeing the changes happening at the club and they dont like them. It seems some Newcastle players are more than happy to play in a losing side with their mates.

They want to see Newcastle run like a pub team, where performance doesnt matter as its all about having fun with your mates and getting pissed after the game.

With these attitudes among the playing ranks, is it any wonder the Knights sit in 14th position on the NRL ladder?

Its been a problem in Newcastle for years. Basically the players want to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play in club run like a pub team. They want responcibility, but only when it suits them. They want to be winners, but only as long as they dont have to change their losing ways.

There are players all over Australia that would give their right arm to play first grade for the Newcastle Knights. If there are players currently there that dont want to be there, they should leave.

Rugby League is a professional sport and a bussiness. If Newcastle players cant handle that they should go back to play for their regional club teams, working all week to play a game in front of 50 people in some paddock somewhere!

There was a similar revolt under Warren Ryan a number of years ago. They didnt like Ryans style, he was abrasive and wasnt just one fo the boys.

Ryan eventually left the club, but the changes he made to the team were vital in them winning the Premiership the following year.

Newcastle players need to grow up. Thats all there is to it.

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