The Mole Reporting That Luke Brooks Move To The Newcastle Knights Is All But A Done Deal

Our mate The Mole is reporting that Luke Brooks is all but locked in to move to the Newcastle Knights for the 2022 NRL season.

The Wests Tigers management has been talking up Brooks future at the club a loot in recent weeks, so it would be a bit ironic that he immediately leaves the club to head to the Knights.

The Knights have been on the lookout for someone to replace Mitchell Pearce who is off to play for the Catalan Dragons in 2022 in the Super League competition.

Luke Brooks has been pretty disappointing at the Wests Tigers. He hit the scene with a bit of potential but has never really developed much as a player. To be fair, he has been at a terribly run club, and had a number of different coaches, and even more halves partners, and that all makes it very hard for a young halfback to develop his game.

It is interesting that Moley mentioned that Brooks has the same manager as Knights coach Adam O’Brien.

O’Brien was signed up as the Knights head coach with a lot of huge wraps on him, and so far he has yet to deliver. He needs the team to improve drastically if he wants to retain his job at the Knights, so a drastic move like this is what he has gone for.

Only time will tell how this all works out…

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