Shane Erin Elvis – Andrew Fifita And The Slippery Slope Of The Doggies

As we found over the weekend, confirmed today, Andrew Fifita has agreed to big money deal rumoured to be around $850,000, at the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. This is absolutely fantastic news for Mr Fifita and family. But is it great news for the doggies?

On the surface it seems like a questionable acquisition. Canterbury are already loaded with big strong powerful forwards. Do they really need another? It’s like a one eyed man buying an extra finger. Sure you’ve got a better grip but you’ve no depth perception. Perhaps it’s simply an omen that someone is leaving? Maybe Graham is ready to go home.

Despite all his hard work he plays second fiddle to the entire Burgess family. Maybe he just needs to hit the beach once in a while. Its little wonder there’s not as many photos of him gracing the tabloids. Perhaps even the Brothers beard, Kassiano and Pritchard. They might have aspirations and dreams beyond spelling their own names. Who would begrudge their goals? And is it too soon for the fans to hope that T-Rex is moving on? Am I alone in my suspicion he’s the next code hopper. I hear the Australian badminton team needs a shake-up.

Is Fifita worth the money? Surely having that kind of wonga to throw about could have gone towards a new exciting fullback?

Every result over the weekend has to be taken with a grain of salt. It is only round one after all. Something the fans and Media should remember. But one thing I think really stood out is that Sam Perrett is a very short term solution to their fullback woes.

Perrett can finish a move off he’s great at it, but he doesn’t create. His presence in both attack and defence is completely minimal in the 1 jersey. Back to the wing with you I say.

Fifita is a talented player with a lot of potential and that’s the best I can offer for a player of his age and achievements. For him to be the highest paid prop in the league, allegedly, staggers me. Here’s a list of his statistics… nah I’m only joking why would I need facts when opinion has gotten me so far?

If you really boil down the man’s career so far, three words enter my mind, ONE GOOD YEAR.

2013 was his break out year. He was a sensation, a revelation. But it was just 8 months off his life. There’s a lot still to go and a lot more to prove for my money. How many times have we bore witness to a breakout year only for the following season to be a bit of a wet squid.

Has Fifita really showed enough to be a higher played player than say Jared Waerea-Hargreaves or Sam Moa? What about Matt Scott, a man consistently underappreciated and almost never given the wraps he deserves. And if you’re reading this Matt “well done”. We’re not baring witness to a player rewarded for going beyond the call of duty. Not for long service. Not for consistency. Not for T-shirt sales. I’d say his presence won’t even put many bums on seats barring his own family switching support. It’s all potential.

What I think has really happened here should set alarm bells off in Bankstown Centro. I believe this is just the beginning. Like long term rivals the Parramatta Eels the Dogs are now paying overs to secure talent. How long until there are players like Sandow and Blair heading to Belmore to sign big fat deals?

OK I’m being a little disrespectful on Andrew here but putting their names with his. I believe Fifita will put in and go hard regardless. (I also believed in Santa till I was 19 so don’t take my word for it Doggies fans). Minor Premiers and beaten grand finalists just two years ago the worm has turned. Despite their forward pack they will struggle to make the 8 this year and we’ll have really good look at their recruitment and retainment come summer.

In interviews with Andrew I haven’t seen a player excited about a new challenge and the chance of premiership glory with a team with prior (see what I did there?). No. I’ve seen Fifita crying on Fox Sports News that he “didn’t want to leave”. Maybe I’m buying into his agents spin. Nobody expects him to say ‘yeah this whole drug cheat, ASADA shit is bringing me down and holding me back from my true potential’. All this shows me is that the money was simply too good to refuse. If he cared even 5% of what he makes out he wouldn’t walk out on his “mates”. Round one Finite is on report for a shoulder charge and his team lost… it’s like he’s already a Bulldog.

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