Scott Prince Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

What was Scotty Prince supposed to do?

He’s had a tough career. If any bloke knows how quickly a career can end, its Scott Prince. There was a while there that Prince was only a 50/50 chance of ever coming back from a shocking leg injury and as he went to the West Tigers, it is a last ditch effort to save his career.

Prince was lucky, he landed on his feet. It was great to see things go his way. Leading into his last contracted year with the Tigers, Prince found himself as a Premiership winning captain of a young side going places.

Now there are two trains of thought.

The first one is that the Tigers gave Prince an opportunity and he should have re-payed them with loyalty. Take a slightly lower salary figure, stay in a good situation and do whats best by the club.

The second is that you have a short career and you have to do whats best for you and your family no matter what.

Blind fans will say option one is the way to go. The rest of the human population rightly says that you have to take the cash and do whats right for yourself.

As Ive said many times before, loyalty does not exist in sport. Players either perform for a club, or they are not wanted. If Prince turned down the Gold Coast but suffered a career ending injury before being able to sign with the Tigers, do you think the Tigers would show him loyalty and still pay him a huge salary figure despite the fact he couldn’t play for the club? Of course not!

The fact of the matter is that if the Tigers REALLY wanted to keep Prince, they would have made him a good enough offer to keep him in Sydney. They didn’t, and now he is going to be a very well paid member of the Gold Coast Titans.

I for one would like to congratulate Scott Prince. All his time, effort and heart ache has finally payed off and he has found the right opportunity for himself and his family. Thats all a bloke can ask for.

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