Sam Tomkins Almost Killed By A White Lion!

English Rugby League fullback Sam Tomkins has narrowly avoided death after being attacking by a white lion in South Africa.

Tomkins, who is part of the English squad that is currently undergoing altitude training incorrectly thanks to the RFL, was taking in some of the local wild life when the vicious animal snapped and almost tore his arm right from its socked.

It was scary, possibly life altering incident and one that Tomkins was quick to tweet about.

[tweet_embed id=257537862428409856]

This serves as just another warning to Rugby League players across the world that they need to stay indoors when not playing games.

Thankfully, Tomkins survived.

In fact, Tomkins later managed to tweet a picture of the animal that nearly claimed his right arm:

[tweet_embed id=257561788332249088]

A close call indeed.

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