Rugby League Does The Harlem Shake

Its the craze that is sweeping the world by storm, and you knew that eventually it would be Rugby Leagues turn to jump on the bandwagon!

The Harlem Shake isn’t just a dance. Its a state of mind.

It is about going off your head in an insane way and recording that moment for all the world to see!

So, I’m going to post every single Rugby League version sent to me RIGHT HERE!

If you come across a new version, post the Youtube line to me by following this link right here.


The Cronulla Sharks Do The Harlem Shake

The Gold Coast Titans Do The Harlem Shake

Wakefield Wildcats Do The Harlem Shake

University of Lincoln Rugby League Harlem Shake

Dewsbury Rams Do Harlem Shake

Wigan Warriors Do Harlem Shake

Melbourne Storm Do Harlem Shake

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