Roosters Win But Boy, It Was A Rotten Game!

I knew the Sydney Roosters match up with the St George/Illawarra Tampons was going to be a dud game and boy did it live up to my prediction.

The first half was probably the worst half of football I’ve ever seen. Sure, it was pissing rain, but the dropped ball, the simple mistakes and the panic that was running through both sides was terrible.

The first team to calm down a bit was going to win the game, and it turned out the Roosters got the job done.

The St George simply are not a top 8 caliber team. They won a few games during the Origin series against weakened sides (Including the Melbourne Storm) and while people have been talking them up, they are the same stupid, poorly coach, moronic side they have always been.

As for the Roosters, they are so soft they should get a major sponsorship with a bedding company. They are no chance of winning the title no matter how good a run they get. The top sides will eat the Roosters and St George alive.

One last thing out of this game was the injury to Willie Mason.

It looks like Mason will be out for about a year with a knee injury which is a very tough break. I have to say, it may be the last time we see Mason playing Rugby League.

His 2008 season has been the worst of his career, and I say that as a Willie Mason fan. He has been soft and his running game has become very average.

He wanted to do boxing this coming off season but I doubt that will be able to happen now with his knee injury.

With his poor form, the loss of boxing income, and French union sides willing to throw money at him, it would not surprise me if the Roosters let him go before he ever makes a comeback.

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