RFL Bring The Game Into Disrepute With Farcicle Judiciary Rulings

The Rugby Football League has always been soft on things like gambling, drugs use and illegal play, and once again this week the English governing body has turned the game into a laughing stock.

In the last 7 days we have see 3 of the worst head high tackles in International football in recent memory, and none of the players involved were suspended.

In an NRL match, these 3 tackles would have easily added up to over 10 weeks combined. The RFL said these players had no case to answer!

The New Zealand Rugby League is furious, and rightfully so.

What this all comes back to of course if the fact we don’t have an international governing body running the game.

If the NZRL wants to contact the RLIF, what do they do? They contact themselves, the RFL and the Australian Rugby League.

How ridiculous.

The New Zealand Rugby League has tried to assert itself against the Australian Rugby League and Rugby Football League recently, but its obvious that they have aligned themselves with the wrong nation.

After turning their back on the ARL saying they will no longer take part in lucrative mid season Test matches (Funnily enough to stop drubbings like the one Australia handed them a few weeks ago after seasons end) the NZRL basically backed themselves into a position where they are either taking part in Tri Nations competition, Tours of Britain, or nothing at all.

Its funny how stupid decisions come back to bite you in the end.

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