Reserve Grader Not Chosen For Big Brother TV Show Won’t Quit Rugby League

It isn’t news at all, but I simply had to post this one because quite honestly this is the best non story I have ever read.

Gold Coast Titans winger Kalifa Faifai Loa has filled out an application to apply for the Big Brother TV show in 2014.

That it! That’s the whole story really!

Faifai Loa said he applied one day while bored, along with tens of thousands of other people that need massive amounts of attention and who don’t mind being filmed while they take a dump.

Big Brother is a TV show where dreams are made and broken. Where a nobody with an amateur acting career and previous media experience can crack into the mainstream via heavily edited half house episodes.

The chance to head up to the Gold Coast and just be lazy for three months. It would be like getting a chance to feel what it’s like to be Dave Taylor!

At the end the nation votes and someone wins a large sum of money. Set for life! OK, maybe not for life, but for a few months anyway as you blow through it all because you don’t have a job when you get out of the house and you’re unemployable because everyone knows what a complete arsehole you really are.

Good luck to him Faifai Loa. I reckon he would be a huge success in the Big Brother house.

I don’t know that at all to be honest. He might be the last person you’d want to see on TV. Well, after Ray Hadley anyway!

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