Rangi Chase Looking To Play For The St George/Illawarra Dragons?

Well the club seasons on both sides of the world are over, and with no Four Nations to look forward to, I think it is fair to say that the silly season is already upon us.

I know, I know, we have some internationals still to play in Europe, but still, lets not ruin a good thing while we are onto it!

George Riley of the BBC has stopped licking players and coaches arses for long enough to Tweet that Rangi Chase hopes to leave Castleford to go and play for the St George/Illawarra Dragons.

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If that is true it sounds like the Dragons have first dibs on a true reserve grade talent!

Of course, New Zealand born and former Maori representative Chase is having problems with his Visa over in the UK despite being a current English international.

Only in Rugby League hey…

Chase was expected to move to Hull FC but the deal fell through over Chase’s Visa troubles. Considering that Castleford find themselves in a perilous financial situation right now, and that Chase seemed to have some sort of falling out at the club this season, a move somewhere was always on the cards.

Chase has no value over here in the National Rugby League. He was a reserve grade talent in Australia and with most teams already capped out heading into the 2013 season, Chase was always going to find it tough to get a gig.

Thankfully for him the St George/Illawarra Dragons decided that recruiting players from other clubs is for suckers, so they have a fair bit of salary cap space to spend and a player market that is pretty lean on talent to spend it on at this time of the year.

They are also in the market for a half to partner with Jamie Soward.

The Dragons wouldn’t get any brownie points if they go into the 2013 NRL season without spending a big chunk of their salary cap, so if Chase wants to get on board, the Dragons might as well go with it. He played for the club in the past and at least he will add to their depth.

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