Racist Bullshit, A Stand, A Cover Up And Hopefully, Change

When I first heard that Timana Tahu had left the NSW cap for personal reasons, I was a bit confused. When I heard he had left after being upset at something Andrew Johns had said, I thought it was a piss weak move.

It them came out that Andrew Johns had made a racist remark about Greg Inglis during a coaching session that Tahu took offense to.

At that stage I still felt that Tahu should have stayed. You don’t run from a confrontation like that, you stay. You openly talk to the media about it. You call out the person for their comments and stand in front of the media and tell them, you’re not going anywhere. You’re going to represent your people on Wednesday night.

While all this was happening I was smashing away on Twitter with a whole lot of people. I was pissed off.

I suggested that you can not try and set new standards for the team by running away from the fight. Steve Mascord then said something in reply to one of my tweets that made me think twice. “You can’t set them if things are covered up, either.”.

Apparently Johns racial comment was the last straw for Tahu, and he left the side. It makes you wonder if he had addressed this issue before with Johns, and possibly people in higher positions within the New South Wales Origin camp.

What is clear is that New South Wales officials tried to cover things up when Tahu left. They said it was for personal reasons. Then suggested he left because of an injury. Apparently one even suggested Tahu just didn’t have the desire to play Rugby League any more.

This of course got me thinking about Tahu’s stance. maybe this was the only thing he could have done.

Still, I wish he had left and straight away addressed the media about what had happened, what was said and why he left. Throw the pressure right back on to those involved. Tell the story, don’t make the media have to search it out.

To think that in this day and age you have someone within the New South Wales coaching structure referring to one of the games stars in the terms that have said to be used, its shocking and unacceptable.

This isn’t some bush team, where it would be bad enough. This is the second highest level of representation you can get in Rugby League!

If this was happening, and Tahu said something to his coach, or team management, and nothing was done, they should all get sacked! Every last one of them!

There was talk that Johns was being a pain in the arse to to New South Wales side in his capacity as a trainer in Origin one. Basically the word was that he was talking over more experienced players.

Now, every coach in the game would love to have Andrew Johns as a runner, passing on info and tips. However I get the feeling Johns has overwhelmed the side to a point, with enthusiasm. He isn’t playing, his days are over. Let them get on with it.

Then we have these racial remarks which have seen Johns stand down as assistant coach for New South Wales.

It is just one big mess.

When you look at the remaining New South Wales side, take a look at the lineup.

Try and find a whiter side at any level of the game! Its not a good look at all!

Few things piss me off more than racism. To see this crap happening in 2010 is a disgrace. It is just another farce that we are seeing from a team that is being run by idiots at every level.

If you needed any more reasons why we need an Independent Commission, a streamlined administration and have the game all pushing in the one direction, this is it.

Right now we have so many levels with so much self interest. Too many people willing to accept the unacceptable because it works for them.

We need to have an administration that will hear of crap like this and simply say “You are sacked” and not carry on with cover ups and rubbish.

Lets hope Tahu gets back for Origin three, and lets hope this whole thing goes a long way to completely wiping out racism at every level of the game.

As for Johns….yeah mate, you are doing it tough. We are all full of sympathy for you…..prick!

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