QRL Chairman Bruce Hatcher Wants To Relocate The Cronulla Sharks To Brisbane

In a move that in no way is meant to take attention away from the fact the QRL named an ineligible players in their State Of Origin squad, or take attention away from the annihilation that Queensland suffered at the hands of New South Wales in back-to-back State Of Origin games, both of which were played in Queensland, the Chairman of the Queensland Rugby League Bruce Hatcher has said that he would like to see the Cronulla Sharks relocated to Brisbane.

Its not the first time the Sharks have been put forward as a team that could relocate outside of Sydney, and as we have seen over the Covid 19 period, it is easier to move clubs to play in a different area than we all were told it was over many years.

However, the timing of this suggestion is strange, and the fact that it comes from the Chairman of the QRL is very, very weird.

To be fair to Bruce, he does make some good points. Queensland does need more representation at NRL level, and we do need to be playing one game every week at Suncorp Stadium to cater to the Queensland market.

However, not was not the time to bring this up.

I’d suggest that Bruce looks at a few issues closer to home and for now, that he leaves the Cronulla Sharks alone.

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