Poll: Women In League Round – Is It Just A Marketing Tool Or Does It Really Mean Something?

The National Rugby League will celebrate its annual Women In League round this weekend.

On face value it is a great concept. A round of football that allows us all to focus on the contributions women make to Rugby League at all levels of the game.

Then there is the fact that someone like Robert Lui is still earning a salary as an NRL player. That players who have been involved in alleged instances of domestic violence are often embraced by the game without any hint of their past indiscretions.

Personally, my mind is made up. I think Women In League round is a cynical marketing tool that is used to sell pink merchandise. I believe that when the NRL has been pushed to really show it respects women and that it is not willing to tolerate domestic violence at all, it fails miserably.

I tend to think the NRL should go out of its way to honour the contributions women make to our game every single day. I think when it has a chance to make a stand for women, it should do so. I think it should set an example to the community and show under no circumstances does it condone or tolerate domestic violence. I think the NRL should be pushing for more women on football clubs board and more women working within the game in general.

I want to know what my readers think….

Do you believe Women In League round really means something? That it really makes a difference?

Is it just a cynical marketing play? Is it the height of hypocrisy?

Vote in the Poll below:

Women In League Round - Does it really mean something or is it just a marketing tool?

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