Peter Wallace Showing Broncos The Way

He is Brisbanes chief playmaker, cool under pressure, he just knows whats needed and he gets the job done.

And I’m not talking about Darren Lockyer!

The form of Peter Wallace so far this season has been stunning. Following on from last year where he basically showed he is already a top class halfback, Wallace is guiding a young Broncos side around the park like a player who should have 250 games under his belt, a number of origin campeigns and who has more than a few Test jerseys hanging in his wardrobe.

His calm approch to the game reminds me a lot of Darren Lockyer. He seems to play the game slower than everyone else, he has all the time in the world to do what he wants, but, similar to Lockyer, its seems as though its the opposition that can’t keep up.

Its at the point where the Broncos now get by fine without Lockyer, and who would have thought that going into this season!

The scary thing is that with Wallace playing so well, Lockyer now has less pressure on him and can inject himself into the game and break it open when the time is right.

It must give Wayne Bennett second thoughts about his decision to quit the Broncos at seasons end. Here he has a group of young players just starting their careers. You could only suggest that of their entire squad, Lockyer, Carroll and Hodges are the veterans of the group, and Hodges is still young.

Who ever takes over from Bennett is set up for a long time, and they would want to hope they don’t screw things up!

Back to Wallace though, you have to wonder if he feels like a Panthers player in a Broncos jersey, or whether he is glad he was forced to move on after not even recieving a contract offer of any kind from the Panthers.

It hurts to see him playing so well for another club, but I hope he plays his way into a Sky Blue jersey by Origin time and has the type of career that will shove it right up the morons that run the Penrith Panthers.

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