Penrith Debarcle Just Gets Worse And Worse

If you had any doubt about the pathetic managment at the Penrith Panthers by now then this will hopefully set you straight.

After a terrible 54-14 loss to the New Zealand Warriors talk that Craig Gower was finally going to walk out on the club and head over to play rugby union in Europe came to light.

Gower said the rumours were not true, but that was followed up 24 hours later by a comment from his manager saying that the move was one the over rated halfback has wanted for some time and they they would request a release from the club at seasons end.

This move is one I have wanted for years. I can’t wait to see the back of Gower, not just because of his terrible footballer but also because of his off field behaviour and whinging when he gets called up on it.

With the loss of one of the biggest contract in the NRL, you’d think the Panthers would be out to spend up big going into next year. But no….the club have now officially started that they will not be signing ANY big name recruits, a big turn around for the last few months when everyone at the club claimed they would sign the two best free agents available.

So going into next year Penrith will lose Gower, Clinton and Wallace. In their place the have got Josh McCrone (Who?), Richie Williams, Brad Tighe and Adam Woolnough.

So much for the “War Chest” Matthew Elliott has been talking up.

Sitting in second last place on the ladder, losing players, not being able to sign anyone of any note because no one wants to play for such a terrible club and with a managment that keeps talking about players needing time to get used to the new coach and how they are not that far out of the top 8, you have to wonder how bad it can actually get out west.

Panthers long suffering fans deserve so much better than this bullshit.

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