Gallops Dose Of Reality Upsets Precious Broncos And Their Double Standards

Facing the loss of three key players heading into 2008, the Brisbane Broncos have been making a lot of noise about the need to bring in salary cap concessions for players that have been at a club for over 8 years.

The NRL currently allows a $100,000 concession for long serving players, but like most club, the Broncos dont feel this is enough.

In response to the Broncos cliams of being hard done by in regards to the salary cap squeezing out established players, Gallop pointed out the the Broncos has signed Penrith pairing Joel Clinton and Peter Wallace and that the Broncos had created their own salary cap situation that would force them to let go of some players.

When their double standards were pointed out by the CEO of the competition, the Broncos were pretty upset and probably a bit embarrased.

Never the less, this does bring up the age old word in Rugby League thats gets over used.


People claim that players are no longer loyal to their clubs…..but lets look at the facts.

Petero Civoneceva has been at the Broncos for his entire career. He has knocked back good offers from opposition clubs his entire career and has given the Broncos great service.

But when it comes time to pay Civoneceva what he deserves, being a long serving Broncos, Queensland and Australian front rower, the Broncos are more than happy to show him the door and sign players that are younger and cheaper.

Once again, loyalty is only there when its convinient to poth the player AND the club.

The Broncos meanwhile are looking at picking up Dragons forward Ashton Simms who was told by his club he was no longer required. This has reportedly devastated Simms but once again, the club didnt feel the need to show any loyalty.

Don’t think this happens at one or two clubs either. This happens at every club every year and always had done. Its been a time honoured tradition in this game for players to get the famous tap on the shoulder when a club no longer wants them.

Unlike in past eras however, players are more willing to change clubs and play on. They are also willing to move much further afield. In the past a player may have moved from one club to the neighbouring if asked to move on.

These days a player in Melbourne could end up playing in North Queensland the next week if he is told he is no longer required.

So the next time you hear an official from a club lamenting the lack of loyalty in the game, the lack of scop to keep established players or the inability to keep long serving players….just remind yourself that that very same person will have given many a player the tap on the shoulder telling them they are no longer required.

Its not about loyalty, this is a bussiness. That is until someone like David Gallop calls them out on it.

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