NSW Game One Player Ratings – 2024 State Of Origin Series

New South Wales Rugby League

Here are the player ratings for the New South Wales Blues Rugby League team for game one of the 2024 Rugby League State Of Origin series. Queensland won the game 38-10 after a very early send off that saw Joseph Sua’ali’i gone from the field after just 6 minutes.

Remember, 5 points for below average. 6 points in a pass mark. 7 points is better than average. From there, you can work it out!

See if you agree with them!

Here is the side:

1. James Tedesco – 5 – Scored a try but made a lot of terrible passes too.

2. Brian To’o – 8 – As always got through a lot of work and was great in defence.

3. Stephen Crichton – 8 – One of the best on the field, especially in defence.

4. Joseph Sua’ali’i – 0 – Send off just after the national anthem.

5. Zac Lomax – 7 – Got a try from a kick to his side!

6. Jarome Luai – 7 – Played well one again! Looked dangerous!

7. Nicho Hynes – 4 – Poor defensively and just showed he is not of this level of football.

8. Payne Hass – 8 – Was a powerhouse up front for the Blues.

9. Reece Robson – 7 – Got through a lot of work in defense.

10. Jake Trbojevic – 3 – Looked slow and was targeted in defence. Left early and wasn’t seen again.

11. Angus Crichton – 6 had a few moments but overall was a bit quiet.

12. Liam Martin – 6 – A mixed bag. Had some moments but others let him down.

13. Cam McInnes – 5 – Was alright early on but then that was all she wrote. Not a rep player.

14. Issah Yeo – 6 – Was great when he got on the field. Did throw and intercept though.

15. Haumole Olakau’atu – 4 – Was pretty disappointing.

16. Spencer Leniu – 8 – Very good off the bench. Added some real punch through the middle.

17. Hudson Young – 5 – Didn’t have much of an impact at all.

18. Matthew Burton – 0

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