NRL Press Release On Betting Allegations

The following in an official press release from the National Rugby League:

The NRL says it has found no evidence of widespread abuse of betting rules in initial investigations into possible breaches of the NRL’s Code of Conduct.

Chief Operating Officer Jim Doyle said on Saturday that the Integrity Unit had audited the betting records of registered players from the premiership and second-tier competitions.

Mr Doyle said inquiries suggested there were fewer than eight players who may face penalties for breaching the Code of Conduct, but this is yet to be confirmed.

In the majority of cases under review, the bets were small – often as little as $5.

“Let me be clear that there is no suggestion of widespread abuse of betting rules or inappropriate conduct on the field related to betting,” Mr Doyle said.

“The Integrity Unit is looking into whether a small number of players have breached the Code of Conduct by placing small bets on rugby league games against our rules.

“If so, we will take appropriate action, which may include suspensions, to protect the interests of all players, fans and members.”

Mr Doyle said the Integrity Unit would conclude its investigation before commenting further.

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