NRL Officially Wants A Second Brisbane Side And Sharks Need To Look To The Future

The National Rugby League has shown interest this week is having a second team based in Brisbane to take advantage of the booming crowds of the three Queensland based NRL sides.

The Broncos, Cowboys and Titans are the top three drawing teams in the NRL and as Sydney clubs struggle to increase crowd numbers surely the NRL must be thinking of re-location of one of these teams as a possibility.

While a case could be made for a number of clubs to move, the Cronulla Sharks would have to be the best candidate for relocation.

The Sharks have had some very low crowds over the last few years and with the opportunity to just survive in Sydney, or thrive in Brisbane on the table, surely the Sharks would be interested in taking the bait.

The NRL currently has an $8 million carrot for any team looking to relocate but you would think its going to take more than that for such a drastic move.

The NRL should double the offer to any club looking to relocate because quite frankly, some changes are needed and some clubs need to find new pastures.

By moving to Brisbane the Sharks could expect an instant boost to their crowds and they would find it easier to gain corperate support. Keep in mind the club with the biggest major sponsorship agreement is the Gold Coast Titans.

As I said, you could make a good case to move a number of Sydney clubs, but by far and away the best case can be made for the Sharks.

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