NRL Games Streamed Live Online

You want to watch live NRL games streamed online and for free?

Not everyone can afford Foxtel, and as we have seen recently, the biggest live sporting events are starting to gather big audiences via illegal online streams on both Facebook, Youtube Live, as well as through any number of traditional illegal streaming services.

A boxing match between Danny Green and Anthony Mundine recently saw over 150,000 people watching just through Facebook alone. The guy who streamed is has been threatened with legal action by the broadcaster that held the rights to the fight.

All of it begs the question, are fans of sport being catered to in the correct manner? Why are people looking to illegally stream live sport when there are so many ways to watch them legally?

Pricing is an issue, but for the most part it seems that people just want convenience.

If it was easy to sign up for a service that was cheap and good quality, people would be less likely to stream NRL games illegally online.

The NRL is looking to set up a digital service of its own, but for now, you have to look to buy from rights holders, many of whom put restrictions on what devices you can use to watch games live through your phone or tablet device.

Will we see things improve? Most certainly. For now though, people are still going to look for live NRL game streams online through any means they can find.

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