NRL Furious At Roosters For Mitchell Pearce PR Smother?

Channel 9 is reporting that the NRL is furious at the Sydney Roosters for the way they have handled Mitchell Pearce since his return to Australia from rehab.

Pearce has participated in a number of media interviews since his return and to be fair to Pearce, he seems to have been very open and honest about the situation he has put himself in.

I find it hard to see what the NRL would be upset about quite frankly. Pearce is allowed to speak to the media if that is what he feels is the best way to move past all of this. Media interviews are not about to shorten any suspension he receives. They will also have no impact on the fine he is forced to pay.

What Mitchell Pearce did was unbelievably stupid. It was incredibly embarrassing for Pearce and the game in general. However, the way some people are carrying on, you would think that Pearce had just returned to the game after a stint in jail for assault!

We have seen players in the past who have done far worse things than Pearce, criminal acts, being paraded around in front of the media as though they are saving puppy dogs and feeding homeless people. Pearce isn’t doing anything like that. He is simply talking about what he went through and at no stage has he sounded anything but extremely sorry, and embarrassed, for what he has done.

It makes you wonder who is behind the scenes seeking a pound of flesh from Pearce…

I’m not Mitchell Pearce’s biggest fan in terms of his football, and I’m certainly no supporter of the Sydney Roosters. However, I feel some sections of the game, and the media, are going way over the top about what Pearce actually did and how he should be punished.

Pearce did the wrong thing. No one, including himself or the Roosters, is making any suggestion that he should not be fined and suspended.

If the NRL wants more from Pearce, you have to wonder what that is…

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