NRL Confirms That Dragons Were Robbed By Referee Mistake After The Siren In Melbourne

The National Rugby League has confirmed that the final, amazing, exciting play on Monday night that saw the Melbourne Storm score after the final siren should not have happened.

The NRL Referees Elite Performance Manager, Tony Archer, who has the most complicated job title on planet earth, has put the blame on the referee’s who should have called full time before the final play the ball was concluded.

“The siren and the play the ball were all but simultaneous,” Archer said.

“But, technically, the siren sounded a split second before the Melbourne player ‘heeled’ the ball. So, in that sense, the referee’s call was wrong and the final play should not have proceeded.”

This means the St George/Illawarra Dragons should have won the match.

This is a real issue. To have a club losing two competition points directly from a referees mistake is bloody terrible.

Dragons fans have ever right to be furious. There is really not way to make it up to the Dragons. You’d have to hope that this doesn’t cost the club a finals place at the end of the season.

Link: NRL siren review reveals mistake

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